Mirror Image

It may rain or snowing outside where you’re at, or possibly you’ve been not able play for some time for different reasons. In any case, that doesn’t mean you can’t at present work on your amusement. So this is what you do: get your clubs re-grasped and your space and lies checked. When you recover your clubs with crisp new holds, get off to a new beginning with some essential things. You can chip away at them utilizing just a mirror and a club.

Set up a mirror in a high-ceilinged room in your home (or the carport, or wherever). Bring or sneak, contingent upon your circumstance, a 6-press into the room. The mirror will give you a spectator’s viewpoint on your swing and set-up. Practice the essentials sketched out underneath in the mirror for 10 minutes per day.

Go gradually and watch what you are doing in the mirror. Furthermore, every time you see something in the mirror you don’t care for, say, “Thank you, reflect, for demonstrating to me what’s going on with extremely.” It’s a kick! Particularly for those of us effortlessly engaged.


Locate a decent book and attempt to coordinate your grasp to the photos in the book, in view of what you find in the mirror.

Club Face

Take your grasp and face the mirror. Take a gander at the clubface in the mirror. Is it square, open or shut?


As you underside your 6-press on the ground, your feet ought to be marginally more extensive than bear width and the left foot (for right-gave players) flared open around 20 degrees. Your correct foot may likewise be flared relying upon your adaptability. The less adaptable you are, the more open your correct foot ought to be. Your adjust is 50-percent on each foot.

Ball Position

Place your club amidst your position with the ball somewhat forward. With your ball position marginally forward, your head ought to show up behind the ball.


Place your club behind you and along your spine. Contact your backside and your upper back to the club. Keeping the club on your back, stick your butt out, and twist from the knees and hips until the point when your belt clasp focuses at the ball. Equalization on the center of your feet (front to back, and appropriate to left). At that point, without moving your spine, hold the club before you and let your arms hang loose. Take your correct hand off the club and let it hang to fortify this idea.

Take Some Swings

Confronting the mirror, take five swings (cautious not to hit anything), beginning with around 30-percent of your typical exertion. Prior to each swing, experience your pre-shot routine and check your set-up in the mirror.

At that point change to a down-the-line see (swinging toward the mirror). Take five more swings at around 30-percent exertion. Experience your routine and check your stance before each swing.

After five swings with each view, increment swing speed for a few more swings. Ensure that as you swing, you keep up a similar strain on the grasp from beginning to end. Is it true that you are ready to swing without modifying your grasp each time, or is the club moving in your grasp? Close your eyes: How’s your adjust? Do you feel in succession? Would you be able to tell where the clubhead is and whether it is open or shut through effect? Is your swing way on the right swing plane or outside-in (a k an, over the best)?

Swing Path

Suppose you can’t feel if your swing way is right or erroneous … gee. Possibly, quite possibly, on the off chance that you could see your way you could figure out how to feel it. Also, in the event that you could feel it, you would have the capacity to remedy it.

Here’s an awesome swing-way bore for those of you who swing outside-in: Set-up as though you will hit the ball through the mirror. Make a, moderate swing and stop part of the way through the finish. The clubhead should seem to cover your nose in the mirror (as in the photograph). Attempt to achieve this situation with a few moderate swings, tenderly ceasing your finish part of the way through. At that point, take swings watching the obscure of the club go through your eyes (in the mirror) on the finish. Note: If your head is down, you will have zero chance of seeing the way of your swing.